DRAFT – these instructions are not final, and are likely to change.

Connecting rod assembly

You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
 1232 Rod 12 Lasercut
 257 M3x12mm cap head screw 12 Fastener
 258 M3 nut 12 Fastener
 204 M3 Nyloc nut 12 Fastener


Lasercutting produces a kerf on the edge of the rods. This produces holes with differing diameters on each side of the part. The rods should be paired and arranged such that the kerf is mirrored, as shown. rod-pairing
Take one pair of rods. Push two screws through one of the rods and secure with M3 nuts. rod-nuts-fitted
Fit the second rod and loosely attach two Nyloc nuts. rod-nylocs-fitted
Repeat the above steps until all six rod pairs are assembled. rods-assembled

Mounting the head

You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
Rod pairs 6 Assembled
Head 1 Assembled
Fisher 1 Part-assembled


Attach the rod pairs to the steel balls on the carriages.If the threaded balls are secured with a thread locking compound, now is a good time to apply lubricant to the bearing surface. Lithium grease, as used for bicycle maintenance has been proven to work well. If the balls are not yet threadlocked, the grease should be applied following the commissioning stage (which contains a reminder). rods-on-carriage
Hang the head on the dangling ends of the rod pairs. The head should be orientated such that the cooling fan is nearest the side panel (not containing a logo). head-attached