First layer too close to bed

If the first layer prints too close to the bed, the extruder may skip and stutter, and the bottom edge of the printed object will be malformed.

The height of the nozzle can be adjusted during printing using the following command:

M206 Z0.1

This will move the nozzle up by 0.1mm during a print.

Alternatively, a macro can be defined, say SETZ and uploaded to the macro folder:

G1 X0 Y0 Z4 F12000
G1 Z0.2 F12000
G92 Z0
G1 Z4 F12000

The above commands will probe the build surface in the centre, and offset the origin by 0.2mm in the Z axis (upwards). Modify the line

G1 Z0.2 F12000

with a value which works for your machine. The macro can then be run before a print by clicking on the button now showing on the Machine control tab.

General Troubleshooting

Please see our general troubleshooting guide here.