By the end of this stage, your machine will look like this: P1030657

Fitting the X axis

Undo the U-clips that hold the bottom of the Z-axis rods. Only undo the outside nuts – the inside ones need to stay positioned to relocate the rods when you do things up again.NEEDS PIC P1030491
Undo the M8 nuts that retain to tops of the rods. P1030492
Slide the rods upwards so they are sticking out the top. P1030493
Push the Z-axis rods down through the Igus bearings in the ends of the X axis. When looking at the front of the machine, the X motor should be facing you on the right hand side. P1030735
Put one Z rod back in its retaining bottom U clip. Adjust the width of the X axis as necessary using the screws in the X idler. Slide them back and forth on the X rods until everything fits, then put the other Z rod back in its U clip. P1030738
Slide the X axis to the top of its travel, and get the gaps between its ends right there. (This will be a distance that cannot be adjusted.) Gently tighten the two screws projecting from the X-axis idler end until they touch the ends of their rods. Don’t over-tighten them, as that will bend the Z rods. P1030733
Now slide the X axis back down again, checking that it moves completely smoothly. It may bind for two reasons. First, the X axis may be tilted (like trying to put a drawer in a chest-of-drawers at a slight angle). This doesn’t matter – get it more level and try again. Second, the gap at the bottom of the Z rods may not be quite the same as that at the top. This does matter, and needs to be fixed. To get the bottom Z-rod gap right, carefully move the U clips by undoing and doing up the nuts either side of them. Do this symmetrically. That is to say, if you move the inner nut on the right three-quarters of a turn inwards, do exactly the same with the corresponding nut on the left. It helps to mark one flat on the nuts with a felt-tipped pen so you can keep track of turns. P1030744
Keep sliding the X axis up and down the rods, and make small symmetrical adjustments as above until it runs completely smoothly. When you’re happy with the movement, Fit the X belt. Insert one free end into the slot in the right end of the X carriage, so that it locks with the teeth of the small length of belt. It should be placed as far into the slot as possible, so that the end touches the edge of the narrow gap in the centre of the carriage. P1030748
Then feed the belt into the X end Idler and around the small bearing  and  back through the carriage. There is a mistake on this photo. the X idler cover is missing but should be present on yours. P1030754
Continue around the motor pulley and back into the slot on the X carriage as shown. e. P1030756
.Adjust the tension of the belt by loosening the X motor mounting screws, pull the motor back from the centre of the printer, then tighten the X motor mounting screws to hold the belt tight. The axis should move smoothly when pushed by hand, and the belt should be tight enough to make a just-audibly low note if you pluck it on it’s longest stretch.If you  cannot get the belt tight enough, then you will need to adjust the belt from the carriage P1030637

Nozzle Mount

# Component Qty Type
916 Nozzle mount 1 Printed
112 M3x25mm cap head screw 4 Fastener
258 M3 nut 4 Fastener
Needs photo
Push the M3 nuts into the captive slots in the nozzle mount Nozzlemount
Insert the cap screws through the back of the X carriage X axis rear
Tighten the screws into the captive nuts of the nozzle mount. Nozzlemountfitted

Fitting the Z drive

# Component Qty Type
609 z-coupling 4 Printed
408 NEMA 17 stepper motor 2 Hardware
195 5mm x 30mm poly tubing 2 Hardware
230 M5x215mm studding 2 Hardware
276 7mm x 15mm spring 2 Hardware
712 M5 nut 2 Fastener
242 M3x16mm cap head screw 4 Fastener
111 M3x8mm cap head screw 4 Fastener
212 M3 washer 8 Fastener
258 M3 nut 4 Fastener
Next put 4 x couplings together as shown, using a M3x16mm cap head screw, M3 washer, z-coupling printed part and M3 nut for each. The M3 nut sits in the nut trap in the printed part. Assemble loosely. HUX2-z-axis-12
Push the couplings over the poly tubing. Align the slots in the printed parts for each coupling. HUX2-z-axis-13
Slide a coupling onto each motor. Try to align the slot in the coupling with the flat of the motor shaft; this will make the coupling hold centrally. Tighten the screw that holds the coupling on the motor shaft.NEEDS PICWITH NEMA 17’S HUX2-z-axis-14
Place an object on the Y bars to hold the X axis about half-way up its travel. P1030638
Insert an M5 nut into each slot in the ends of the X axis, and push an anti-backlash spring in under the nut. It can help to use the M5 threaded rod on top of the M5 nut; screw it in a couple of turns and use the rod to hold the nut at the top of the slot, and push the spring in P1030641
Screw the M5 studding down through the nut and spring until its top is about 30mm below the Z-motor brackets at the top of the machine. Repeat this for the other end of the X axis. P1030644
Put the Z motors with their couplings in place on top of the z-motor-mounts and loosely attach them from underneath with two M3x8mm cap head screws with M3 washers under their heads on the motor’s diagonals. Note the orientation of the motor’s wiring connectors; this is important, so the loom fits correctly. P1030647
Make sure the lower screws on the Z couplings are loose. The coupling should be free to rotate in the space in the z-motor-mount. P1030650
Screw the M5 studding up into the lower half of each coupling. Leave a small gap (1mm is fine) between the top of the M5 studding and the motor shaft. Tighten the couplings. Tighten the diagonal pairs of screws holding the Z motors. P1030651
Use a digital calliper or  ruler to measure the gap between the X ends and the Z motor brackets. Turn the Z motors by hand to make the gap each side equal. P1030654

Z axis fitted

Your machine should now look like this. P1030657